What is OTT marketing?

OTT (Over The Top) is a term referring to video transmitted via the Internet and bypassing traditional cables or liners distribution.  



Where do OTT video ads stream?  

OTT video ads stream through any connected TV device, such as desktop computers, laptops, phonestabletswhether you are watching at home or on the go on your phone. 

I want OTT video marketing!

Who can OTT target 

Cool Nerds has many OTT partners that have targeting capabilities in both the direct-to-consumer and business-to-business model. These partnerships give us a unique opportunity to tap into big data partners like Oracle and IBM, allowing us to target any demographic, interestand buying habits in your market audience on a national level and even down to the zip codes.  

What is convergent metrics?  

Some of the metrics are  
  • foot traffic  
  • site visits  
  • online checkouts  
  • app installations  

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