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The Case Against Stock Photography

by Kristian Segelken, Social Media Manager We are all familiar with stock photography. It’s everywhere. It seems nearly every brochure, advertisement, or packaged product contains an eerily perfect photo of a smiling family or field of flowers. We know these images...

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3 Ways People Are Engaging with Media

By Olivia Roehm | Account Executive In 2019, it is increasingly important to track how our target and potential customers are engaging with digital media.  Content engagement is a sure way to truly understand your customer, so let’s take a look at some popular ways...

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Maxon C4D 102

by Ryan Goldberg, Graphic Designer A Not So Quick Intro Here I will be covering more topics on C4D stemming from this article. There I covered the basics of navigating through the viewport and understanding some of the workplace. In this article, I will include a few...

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9 reason why “Free” Website Is a Bad Idea

9 reason why “Free” Website Is a Bad Idea June 25, 2019 by Ally Nagle, Web Designer The insane increase of internet technology and online users has spurred a large market for Do-It-Yourself and free website building companies. They target small businesses and lure...

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Copywriting vs. Design: What Comes First?

Copywriting vs. Design: What Comes First? June 18, 2019 by Amanda Pearl | Project Manager Ah yes, the unsolved question that has been deliberated for years – which comes first “the chicken” or “the egg”? Some say it was the chicken, for others, it has to be the egg....

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