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Copywriting vs. Design: What Comes First?

June 18, 2019 by Amanda Pearl | Project Manager Ah yes, the unsolved question that has been deliberated for years – which comes first “the chicken” or “the egg”? Some say it was the chicken, for others, it has to be the egg. When it comes to creative processes, it can...

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Conversational Marketing VS Promotional Marketing

June 17, 2019 by Olivia Roehm | Account Executive In 2019, businesses and consumers are able to communicate on a massive scale that has never been seen before.  Whether communicating on social media platforms, or using a 24/7 chatbot services, it is becoming readily...

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So Bad It’s Good

May 28, 2019 by Peyton Beard | Social Media Specialist Image Credit: Katerina Kamprani Let’s face it: there’s a lot more bad design in the world than good. Designers and non-designers alike LOVE to point out, praise, and analyze good design when they see it, but...

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