Hello marketing nerds, today we will be talking about AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. As the web heads more and more toward mobile friendliness, page optimization for mobile devices has become a priority.

If you’ve ever done a search for a news article on Google you may have noticed a small AMP logo next to the article card at the top of the page in highest search result. The AMP logo indicates that the web page has been optimized for viewing on mobile devices. AMP pages are web pages that are specifically built to be viewed on mobile devices. Majority of the javascript and fancy styling has been paired down to deliver a super fast and instantaneous mobile experience. In the video below we give a run down of what this means for our clients and campaigns.

Faster mobile pages and better user experience increases returning users and new visitors to your site. AMP pages typically load in under one second and ads are optimized to be delivered in a non-intrusive manner. Gone are the days of slow and intrusive ads driving away visitors. This increase in user experience and content delivery speed causes an increase in conversions and sessions to your website and campaigns. For every second your web page takes to load on a mobile device conversion rates decrease by 12%.