Digital Marketing

Cool Nerds Marketing worked with Troy Granite to design and develop a digital marketing campaign that would target their mutual goal of seeing an increase in the amounts of free in home estimate forms completed on Troy Granite’s website.



Troy Granite specializes in Granite Countertops, Quartz Flooring, Tile, Kitchen Cabinets, Kitchen Renovations & Bathroom Renovations. They have over 25 years of experience in the natural stone industry and over 100 full time & fully trained members in their company.


We knew that there needed to be several steps to this process so we created a strategy that would target the key areas: landing pages, competitors, retargeting and website.


We created and tested several landing pages for each location and varied the content based upon device. The goal with each landing page was to keep the consumer on the website longer, and to complete the contact form for an in-home estimate.


We understood that granite countertop purchases often involved a longer term decision process for consumers. We used retargeting ad’s to help keep the desire fresh in the consumer’s mind.


We monitored the ads that their competitors were placing to ensure that the ad’s we were creating were stronger and more compelling for a consumer. Additionally, we monitored keywords to ensure that our bids were beyond the bid competition on the market.


We refined website content to enhance SEO placement in organic searches. Utilizing multiple platforms to constantly monitor and enhance performance as necessary to yield the highest ROI possible.

Before: Prior to our digital marketing management, Troy Granite received an average of 1-2 completed in-home estimate forms a week for each location.

After: With our “nerds” digital marketing skills and expertise, we were able to increase Troy Granite’s amount of completed Free In-Home Estimate forms online. After working with Cool Nerds Marketing, we have been able to increase this number to hundreds per week, per location, which has resulted in 8-10 in-home installations a day!

If you are tired of stagnant, boring digital marketing campaigns that don’t resonate with your target audience, let’s talk nerdy.