Cool Nerds Marketing worked with LiteCure to heavily promote their Companion Animal Health division of veterinary rehabilitation products including laser treatment tools, rehabilitation products and regenerative products in an emerging and competitive market with lengthy product design and purchase cycles and strict veterinary industry regulations.



Increase In Click Through Rate


Increase in improved average position


LiteCure’s veterinary division was founded on the superior line of Companion Therapy Lasers. In 2014, the Companion Animal Health brand was launched along with an expanded line of rehabilitation and regenerative medicine products. LiteCure is committed to providing the highest performance and quality products to health care professionals. Constant product innovation and industry leading customer service allow LiteCure to provide the most comprehensive therapy and implementation solutions.


Companion Animal Health has always been an industry leader in its market but was facing a challenge with introducing new products and technologies to the market. As a Google Partner, Cool Nerds Marketing was able to utilize new features available to AdWords advertisers giving Companion Animal Health a signification edge over its competition and build awareness for the new product line.

Recently Google changed the ad copy structure and nearly doubled the available space in search results to advertisers.

The new line of animal care products launched by Companion Animal Health faced fierce SERP competition because similar products in the medical field have already been available, and advertised, prior to the new product line launch. Cool Nerds Marketing took this into consideration when revising the ad copy and crafted ads that clearly define the Companion Animal Health ads as most relevant for the veterinary industry thus decreasing wasted ad spend and improving overall performance.


Before: LiteCure already had an AdWords account in place which had been running for quite some time but had not been taking advantage of the latest features available from Google.

After: After intensive evaluation of the account and a review of the account structure as a partnership between Cool Nerds Marketing and Advertising specialists from Google, a number of changes were made to the account in order to increase performance and launch new campaigns intended to help expand the presence of the new product line. One of the key changes was the introduction of Expanded Text Ads. These changes resulted in improved CTRs and average ad positions.

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