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Cool Nerds Marketing worked with Smith Volkswagen to promote special offers and incentives for car buyers by creating a search campaign strategy focused on increasing impression share in order to gain a stronger presence in search results and increase website traffic.


Smith Volkswagen, located in Wilmington, Delaware, a short drive from Philadelphia, offers new and used vehicles, as well as service and parts. The Smith Volkswagen website is setup to give Delaware Volkswagen customers the most convenient access to useful information.


Properly identifying automotive target markets in different areas of the country is extremely important in aligning the audience’s interests, behaviors and tendencies with ad placements and strategies for our clients and their campaign goals. To do this effectively no two automotive campaigns are exactly alike as we utilize a variety of different channels and platforms for each unique audience.

Cool Nerds evaluated and carefully selected incentive offers dictated but Volkswagen and pair the offers with specific keyword selections and target audiences in order to drive the most optimal traffic to the website and encourage visitors to schedule test drives.



As we do with all client accounts, Cool Nerds first evaluated the Smith Volkswagen website structure and incentive offerings. Based on that analysis, we divide the advertising strategy into several core components then matched various targeting methods, driven by selective keyword groupings. We then crafted several initial ads to appear in search results and tested numerous combinations of ads, keywords and extensions. Continuous testing allowed us to filter out and further emphasize the best performing ads.


We created a well structured AdWords account that was divided into several campaigns each with a specific focus and target audience. We then tested ad copy and keyword match types and added the most appropriate ad extensions in order to increase impression share.


Because the car buying process is not an impulse decision, and because incentive offers from Volkswagen are constantly rotating, we divided the retargeting (display) ad strategy into several groups based on website visitors actions. Visitors who visited the website and performed our desired action were lightly retargeted with low impression caps. We did not want to overwhelm or annoy anyone who already showed interest in Smith. Visitors who did not complete a desired action on the first visit, were placed into our more aggressively targeted audiences and show various offers more frequently for a set period of time. This method proved successful as repeat visitor engagements rose nearly 135%.

Before: Prior to our digital marketing management, Smith Volkswagen website traffic was, on average, lower than Cool Nerds anticipated it could be, based on market research.

After: After implementing an aggressive search campaign strategy, backed by remarking display ads, and continuously testing ad copy, extensions, targeting methods and keywords, we were able to increase daily website visitors by 60%.


Increased website visitors


Increased return visitors with custom incentive messaging

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