about {us nerds}

So, yea, we’re nerds.

We strategize, create content, crunch data, and deliver impactful results.

Without sounding too nerdy, we think we’re kinda cool too. We not only follow marketing trends, we create them.

We are equipped to handle branding, brand activation, and campaign execution for companies large and small nationwide. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, come to understand their current needs, expectations, and goals. We then develop advertising strategies to reach and exceed them.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and customer service. When you partner with us, you’ll feel confident that none of your questions go unanswered, and that our team is an extension of yours simply in another office.

what we can do
{for your brand}

what we can do
{for your brand}


Search Engine Marketing
Display Advertising
Mobile Marketing
Social Management
Social Marketing
Video Advertising


Campaign Creation
Social Content Creation
Copywriting & Content
Digital Ad Creatives
Digital Video Creatives
Custom Landing Pages


Brand Monitoring
Brand Consumer Insights
Product Consumer Insights
Social Listening
User Experience – UX/UI
Influencer Programs

common {objectives}

Market Expansion
Product Trial

Web Session Growth
E-Commerce Strategy

Product Launch
Brand Awareness

Influencer Programs
Online to In Store Strategy

process {working with us}


{our first date}

Let’s get to know each other.

We conduct a situation analysis and identify the challenges you are facing.


{mission plan}

Same thing we do everyday, try to save the world.

Extensive R&D identifies who we should be targeting, with what type of messages and how we will determine our success.


{we have liftoff}

Mission control to target market, all systems are a go.

Once all preparations are complete, we get the green light and execute.


{what’s going on}

in hindsight…

Arguably the most important part of any advertising effort is understanding the results and using the data to make well informed decisions for future efforts.


{honor roll}

Stepping off the shuttle with our heads held high.

Our reports are as simple and visually appealing or as data rich as you’d like them to be.


conceptualization to realization

When we partner, your world becomes ours. We don't orbit, we land spot on – every time.

Cool Nerds Marketing

300 N. Market St.
Wilmington, DE 19801

Need to connect?

[email protected]


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