Cool Nerds Marketing is a digitally-focused agency with offices in Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA, founded to create effective digital campaigns to help clients communicate their messages and meet their marketing goals through:


Creativity fuels our team and energizes our campaigns endlessly in all aspects; initial research, campaign strategies, product shots, social copy, graphic design, illustration, and web design.


The integrity of our work, as well as the representation of our client’s brands, are of the utmost importance to all of our nerds. Our teams are well trained in crisis management and contingency plans.


The quality of work is the best way for a company and brand to stand apart regardless of industry. We strive to deliver the best to our clients and we are extremely passionate about our work and who we work with!

As nerds, we love numbers and thrive on data which helps us make the best decisions when it comes to building your brand.

Our work is BOLD—some might even say assertive, but we are not sorry! We are never afraid to give an honest answer or suggest an out-of-the-box campaign to our clients.

We Work With Brands Headquartered Throughout The Country

Check out the latest news from Cool Nerds Marketing

New University of Delaware Snapchat Filter

We launched the filter 6/14/17 and have had over 1,333 uses in less than 24 hours! Snapchat is a growing platform in our world and communities! Many of our nerds are UD alumni or live in local areas, one noticed that Newark did not have enough cool filters, so we put...
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Typography 101

For marketing and advertising purposes, creative projects often need to use some sort of a message that cannot always be conveyed with imagery alone. Typography is one on the most important tools for graphic designers. Projects and designs including textual content...
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Cool Nerds Marketing Wins Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Philadelphia Award

The award recognizes the very best digital marketing agencies in Philadelphia, PA. CNM has been previously recognized by other outlets is it continues to grow. The award celebrates Cool Nerds as a go-to agency for all things digital. Expertise scored 344 Philadelphia...
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Incserv Corporate Website Rebranding

Boutique in size, but extensive in their offerings, Incserv, is an incorporating company that provides their international clientele with Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and other corporate services. In 2016 Incserv was going through a rebranding process and seeking a...
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Why Healthcare Professionals and Organizations Need Social Media

Social media is an undeniable force, an integral and constantly evolving part of our lives. Most companies recognize that social media is essential to marketing, but as a regulated industry, many healthcare organizations and providers still avoid its integration,...
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What is Digital Marketing?

Whether you have a business in the Philadelphia area or business in the Delaware area, digital marketing should be part of your business plan. Today success in business depends on digital marketing. When looking for a DMA or digital marketing agency or an in-house...
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Getting Started With Social Studio

Your brand is being talked about online. Are you listening to the conversation? In order to create effective marketing decisions, it is important to know what is being said about your brand, products, or services. If you want to start listening to and engaging in...
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WordPress (vs) Drupal

Wordpress vs Drupal. WordPress offers a clean streamlined admin panel that is extremely user-friendly for users that do not have any coding knowledge. Users are able to make a wide array of edits to content such as switching out photos, sliders, text, etc., without...
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Why Should You Work With A Marketing Agency?

We Are Experts. Agencies have large amounts of knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of industries, so we know what works and doesn’t for your business. When you hire an agency, you’re hiring a team of professionals from various backgrounds who are combining their...
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Are You A Digital Marketing Expert?

Digital marketing is not as easy as it looks yet several people try doing it themselves and this can be a big problem! Many individuals with limited digital marketing experience and skills consider themselves experts and this mentality can be very expensive. Digital...
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If you are tired of stagnant, boring campaigns that don’t resonate with your target audience, let’s talk nerdy.

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